Construction of a New Style 24″ Oven

The New Style 24″ Oven is designed to be easy and fast to install.  We had the privilege of assisting one of our customers, Bricks and Stones Supply, of Boalsburg, PA,  while they put one of our ovens in as a display model.


N24Const08 N24Const09 N24Const10

Make a form for the base insulation, 2″ thick.  Mix a bag, or as much as needed of your Insul Cast.  Allow to dry for 24 hours for best results.

N24Const04 Lay your firebrick floor directly on the Insulcast base.

N24Const06N24Const05 N24Const Dry fit your oven components. Once in position, you can grout the walls, tunnel entrance and dome.


N24Const07N24Const01 N24Const02 N24Const03 Start your flue and fill the cores of the side walls with the remaining Insulcast. Cover the dome with at least 2″ of the Insulcast.

Step back and admire your work!


Robbie Hyde of Superior Clay and Byron Singer of Bricks & Stones Supply