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Superior Clay Herringbone Fireboxes

The distinctive Herringbone pattern fireboxes that adorn palaces and castles throughout Europe are available pre-panelized for Superior Clay Rumford Fireplaces. Real firebricks available in a variety of colors, are laid in the Herringbone pattern and bonded to reinforced concrete to form three separate panels. The 5-inch thick panels are installed by a mason during construction of the fireplace. The resulting herringbone pattern is a beautiful custom focal point in any room. Herringbone spec sheet



Superior Clay Herringbone pattern fireboxes can be customized by:

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The exposed firebrick face most commonly used is 1.25” x 9”, which creates a thin, elegant coursing with lots of joints. The 2.5” x 9” or 4.5” x 9” faces offer the option of a bold and less busy appearance. The firebox floor or hearth can either be installed by the mason prior to the installation of the Herringbone walls or ordered separately from Superior Clay in the Herringbone pattern. For further details and ideas, contact Superior Clay or locate a dealer here.

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