Superior Clay Catalog 2014 - page 4

for over 200 years.
Rumford fireplaces have a long, rich history.
Designed by Count Rumford, noted scientist and
inventor, the Rumford fireplace is tall and shallow
with steeply angled side walls and an elegant
curved throat. This design radiates more heat into
the room, minimizes loss of heated air up the
chimney and burns cleanly.
Rumford fireplaces were quite common
during the 1800s. In fact, they were used by
Thomas Jefferson when he builtMonticello
andmentioned byHenryDavidThoreau as one
of themodern conveniences we take for granted.
ARumford Fireplace complements any decor.
Today Rumford fireplaces are easy to install using
Superior Clay’s line of Rumford components
backed up by our excellent technical support and
our comprehensive website at
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