Superior Clay Catalog 2014 - page 8

Installationof theRumfordFireplace ...
Four easy steps tobuildaRumfordFireplace
1. Build theRumfordFireboxwith9" standard firebrick laidwithminimumjointsusing refractory
mortar.Thefirebrickshouldbebacked upwithsolidmasonrytomakethefireboxwallsat least8"thick.
2. Set the curvedRumford throat in the refractorymortar on the topof the fireboxand layup the
surroundingmasonry to the topof the throat.
3. Set the cast irondamper inpositionover the throat opening.
4. Set the smoke chamber over thedamper,making sure that thedamperwill openandclose freely. Lay
upsurroundingmasonryat least4" thickaround it.Youarenowready toset the flue tiles inplace
and continue the chimneyupward to thedesiredheight. Complete the jobwithabeautiful Superior
Claychimney top.
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