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Sealco’s pneumatic sewer plugs (segmenting, plugging, total testing and by-passing) are unique field proven devices. Heavy duty construction and improved modular design greatly increases life and performance as compared to competitive makes. Natural rubber body element bonded to a resilient aluminum cylinder expands and contracts whenever desired yet returns to its original size and shape after thousands of inflations- resists breaks, cuts and punctures. In the case of a damaged plug due to improper handling, Sealco carries a full line of replaceable parts to save you time and money. You can slash your plug inventory by 50%, for Sealco’s unique design allows you to seal off two or more diameters of pipe with one plug.



 The Sealco System 200

System 200 Catalog pg. 1            System 200 Catalog pg. 2           System 200 Catalog pg. 3

System 200 Catalog pg.4 

Sealco Sewer Plugs

Sewer Plug Pt. 1           Sewer Plug Pt. 2         Sewer Plug Pt. 3       Sewer Plug Pt. 4