Flat Gasket Dampers for Rumford Fireplaces

Cast Iron Dampers designed specifically for the Superior Clay Rumford Throat. Available in 2 Sizes Small and Large, to fit one piece Rumford Throats. Small Damper (9×24) fits 30″ and 36″ Throats. Large Damper (9×30) fits 42″ and 48″ Throats. The unique gasket frame, and fiber rope create an energy efficient seal which prevents loss of heated room air when your Rumford Fireplace is not in use. For residents living in an area where gasket doors are required, these dampers may work for you. Contact us to learn more.

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Also, below you will see a chart for Cast Iron Dome Dampers. This style of Damper is used in Rumford Fireplaces larger than 48″.

Flat Damper, Open to Reveal Rope Gasket

Damper with Valve Plate Attached to Frame with Latching Handle and Bracket

Dimension Chart for Dome style Dampers

*Dome Dampers must use a modified latching handle when installed with a Rumford Throat system, as well as a modified smoke chamber*

Flat Gasket Dampers for Rumford Fireplaces

Occasionally Dampers get installed improperly. If you are having problems with opening and closing your damper, Stop and read our recommendations. If the damper wants to slide out of place when opened, can come apart from the frame, or if your damper is rubbing against the front of the throat, contact Superior Clay today. After running a quick diagnostic over the phone, we can correct any damper issues.